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Acne and Pimples

Purifying Cleanser

Ideal for Oily and Impure Skin
Designed to free skin from impurities and blemishes caused by excess sebum, to reduce the appearance of pores and to promote skin renewal.
This product does not contain perfume or colouring agents, to reduce the risk of allergies.

Liquid Soap

Physiological pH - Ideal for All Types of Skin
It does not alter physiological skin surface pH; on the contrary, its ability of lipids releaser helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated.
Fragrance free from potential allergens.

Face Mask

Formula with high concentration of pure white clay.
This fresh and pleasantly textured mask instantly absorbs excess oils and impurities, removes dead cells and helps reduce the appearance of pores.
Softening and moisturising agents make the mask easy to remove, leaving the skin instantly clarified, radiant and toned.

Peeling Face

High Performance BRIGHT SKIN
Fine apricot stone powder contained within a buttery cream facilitates the removal of excess sebum and dead skin cells (often causing the onset of pimples and blackheads).


An extremely fresh emulsion with a rebalancing, repairing action for acne-prone skin.
Soothes post-acne redness and irritation, aids cellular renewal (helping to soften unsightly scarring) and reduces the likelihood of skin inflammation.