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Prestige 15 PLUS

CREAM Face and Neck, MILK Body

The employ of Collagen conveniently associated with the Whitening Agent 15PLUS™ makes this special range the perfect solution to keep skin young with a clear tone.
It protects and hydrates the skin deeply.
The rich, smooth texture and the pleasant fragrance provide a moment of gratification to indulge yourself with twice daily.


Exclusive formulation to lighten freckles and dark spots of the skin.
Blended with Collagen (elastifying), it promotes youthful and radiant complexion.


This soap ensures the necessary hydration to the skin while clearing from impurities.
Creamy formula with pleasant fragrance to provide a moment of gratification of the day.


Micro scrubbing shower gel to deeply clean the skin.
The wax micro granules gently remove dead cells present on skin surface, thus revealing extreme softness and luminosity.
Sweet and delightful fragrance.