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15 PLUS Gluta-LCP

CREAM Face and Neck, MILK Body

Infused with Natural Extracts
Lemon: Antioxidant and purifying
Carrot Oil: Emollient, skin restoring
Honey: Nourishing and moisturizing
Papaya: Rich in Vitamin A, B, C to prevent acne and oily skin
Associated with Glutathione and Niacinamide (known to be able to treat uneven skin tone), this range delivers a Clear Tone and skin glowing radiance, supple and youthful.
Pleasure lasts in the aromatic, fresh fragrance of the Italian citrus groves.


Exclusive formulation to lighten freckles and dark spots of the skin.
Blended with Glutathione (antioxydant), it offers skin-restoring and brightening benefits.

Exfoliating Soap

Premium creamy soap enriched with Glycerin and Natural Extracts of Lemon + Carrot Oil + Honey + Papaya with purifying, softening and restoring properties.
It removes oil and impurities from the skin and gives a Clear Tone thanks to the synergy of Gluthatione and Niacinamide. Skin is clean and protected.


Smooth your skin to radiance! 2 in 1 product both cleanses and polishes the skin.
While surfactants remove dirt and impurities, wax micro granules scrub away dead cells to leave your skin looking refined and more radiant, indeed ready to get the best benefits from subsequent body care treatments.
To complement your mood, a clean fresh scent you will love.
Excellent for daily use for oily and normal skin types.